January – June, 2016

Coming Soon

These past few months of blogging have been great! You were more active than ever in liking, sharing, or commenting on my posts. I appreciate the high level of interaction, as well as the quality of the responses.

For the next six months, I will continue to publish new posts on Mondays at 8:00 A.M. (EST). These posts are listed below by date, category, and title. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question about anything that makes you curious!

I will not publish any new posts in January. This is a good opportunity for you to visit my website, where you can read some older posts or watch my latest sermons.

And if you think of someone who could benefit from my blog, would you mind sharing this post with them or showing them my website? The only way others will benefit from its content is if you help me spread the word.

Thank you for reading my blog! May God use it to produce Jesus-centered change in and through your life!

Date Category Title
2/1/16 Bible Study “You Are a Priest Forever in the Order of Melchizedek”
2/8/16 Theology Are the Red Letters More Important than the Black Letters?
2/15/16 Relationships “Is He/She the One?”: How to Find the Right Person
2/22/16 Discipleship How Jesus Changes Your Finances
2/29/16 Ministry Why You Should Preach from the Old Testament
3/7/16 Bible Study “You Intended to Harm Me, but God Intended It for Good”
3/14/16 Discipleship How Jesus Changes Your Career
3/21/16 Theology Why Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
3/28/16 Ministry How to Preach from the Old Testament
4/4/16 Bible Study “Give Your Servant a Discerning Heart”
4/11/16 Theology Why You Can’t Do Anything to Receive God’s Grace
4/25/16 Discipleship How Jesus Changes Your Hobbies
5/2/16 Ministry What Are You Trusting to Grow Your Church?
5/9/16 Bible Study “The LORD Gave and the LORD Has Taken Away”
5/16/16 Discipleship How Jesus Changes Your Future
5/23/16 Relationships Why You Shouldn’t Sacrifice Family on the Altar of Ministry
5/30/16 Ministry Why You Shouldn’t Sacrifice Ministry on the Altar of Family
6/6/16 Bible Study “Do Not Let Anyone Look Down on You Because You are Young”
6/13/16 Theology “The Walking Dead”: How to Bring a Zombie Back to Life
6/20/16 Discipleship How Jesus Changes Your Approach to Temptation
6/27/16 Ministry How to Survive a Week of Summer Camp

2 thoughts on “January – June, 2016

  1. If you ever have a week that you are not publishing a new blog, then you should republish an old blog. It’s a way to direct people towards some of your most valuable older content. I’ve seen other people do this, and I think it works well for them.

    It looks like there are going to be some sweet blogs to read in the next 6 months. I’ve been missing your posts in January.

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