July – December, 2016

Coming Soon

For the next six months, I will continue to publish new posts on Mondays at 8:00 A.M. (EST). They are listed below by date, category, and title. If you would like these posts delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe to my blog by e-mail.

I will feature some new resources during the month of July. Feel free to visit my Resources page to see what else is available. You can also visit my Sermons page if you’d like to watch my latest sermons.

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Thank you for reading my blog! May you experience a personal reformation!

Date Category Title
7/4/16 Upcoming Posts July – December, 2016
7/11/16 Resources Featured Resource: Ordinary Jesus
7/18/16 Resources Featured Resource: Faith that Fights
7/25/16 Resources Featured Resource: Bastions of the Bible
8/1/16 Bible Study “But Noah Found Favor in the Eyes of the LORD”
8/8/16 Theology What Does the Bible Say about Gender & Sexuality?
8/15/16 Discipleship How Should We Respond to Gender & Sexuality Issues?
8/22/16 Ministry Why Youth Ministry Isn’t a Failure
8/29/16 Bible Study “The Spirit of the LORD Came upon Him in Power”
9/5/16 Theology What Does It Mean to Worship?
9/12/16 Discipleship Why You Shouldn’t Fall in Love with Jesus
9/19/16 Ministry How to Be a Better Worship Leader
9/26/16 Bible Study “But Daniel Resolved Not to Defile Himself”
10/3/16 Theology Why You Should Stop Asking God to Be with You
10/17/16 Discipleship A Response to The God Delusion
10/24/16 Ministry How to Make the Most of Your Office Hours
10/31/16 Bible Study “The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved”
11/7/16 Discipleship Should Christians Vote?
11/14/16 Theology Does God Send People to Hell?
11/21/16 Ministry Why You Should Preach from Bible Prophecy
12/5/16 Bible Study The “Son of Encouragement”
12/12/16 Theology Why You Shouldn’t Take a Sabbath
12/19/16 Discipleship Why Your Attitude toward the President Matters
12/26/16 Ministry How to Preach from Bible Prophecy

Is there anything you’d like me to write about in future posts? Leave your thoughts with a comment below!

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One thought on “July – December, 2016

  1. These are great, Zack. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say. Have a great summer. 🙂

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