January – June, 2017


The calendar below lists the posts I hope to publish over the next six months. My goal is to publish new posts on Mondays at 8:00 A.M. (EST). If it isn’t published on time, I will publish it later that week. If you would like to automatically receive new posts, subscribe to my blog by e-mail.

I’m sorry for my inconsistency the past few months. My church’s Sr Minister recently resigned. I am now preaching weekly until our next Sr Minister is hired, as well as overseeing staff and the daily affairs of the church. The increased workload has made it difficult to sustain my blogging pace.

I’m excited to tell you about my podcast! A few close friends and I are starting to discuss how the church can experience a modern-day reformation. Feel free to visit my new Podcast page to hear our conversations. You can also visit my Books page to download free e-books, or my Sermons page to watch my latest sermons.

Could you do me a favor? I would really appreciate it if you helped spread the word about my blog. You can share this post with someone, or show them how to subscribe. The only way others will benefit from its content is if you help me promote it. Thank you!

May God bless you for reading my blog! May you experience a personal reformation!

Date Category Title
1/16 Upcoming Posts January – June, 2017
1/23 Discipleship Why Your Attitude toward the President Matters
1/30 Discipleship How to Truly Make America Great Again
2/13 Ministry Why You Should Stop Knocking Programs
2/20 Ministry Why Your Church Should Have More Fun
2/27 Books Basics of the Bible
3/6 Ministry How to Be a Better Leader
3/13 Podcast Episode #1: Why Do We Need a Reformation?
3/20 Podcast Episode #2: Why Worship Is Not Entertainment
3/27 Podcast Episode #3: How Should Churches Treat Visitors?
4/3 Bible Study How to Understand Bible Prophecy (Part 1)
4/10 Bible Study How to Understand Bible Prophecy (Part 2)
4/17 Bible Study How to Understand Bible Prophecy (Part 3)
4/24 Theology Dispensing with Dispensationalism
5/1 Theology Rupturing the Rapture
5/8 Theology Mapping out the Millennium
5/15 Theology Trumping the Tribulation
5/22 Theology Annihilating the Antichrist
5/29 Books Making Sense of the Bible
6/5 Ministry How to Dean a Week of Summer Camp
6/12 Relationships How to Understand Your Teenager (Part 1)
6/19 Relationships How to Understand Your Teenager (Part 2)
6/26 Books Lead like Paul

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