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This page contains free e-books for you to download. They are ideal for personal study, small groups, or even a Sunday school class. Please leave a comment to let me know which ones you find helpful. And feel free to share them with your friends!

A Primer on Preaching
This book was written help you develop a biblical perspective on preaching, as well as the basic skills to preach. It was also written to challenge harmful trends in modern preaching. To download your copy, click here!

Basics of the Bible
The Bible can be hard to understand. But so much confusion can be cleared up by letting it speak for itself. This book takes a simple look at what the Bible says about ten of its major topics. To download your copy, click here!

Bastions of the Bible
“Bastion” can refer to a champion or hero. The major characters of the Bible are its “bastions.” This book summarizes the lives of ten characters. It explains how they point to Jesus, and applies their stories to our Christian lives. To download Volume 1, click here! To download Volume 2, click here!

Faith that Fights
Apologetic reasoning is a shield we can use to defend our faith. But it is also a weapon we can wield against lies and falsehood. This book presents the basic arguments and evidences for Christianity. To download your copy, click here!

Lead like Paul
Christians make two major mistakes when it comes to leadership. First, we approach it from a worldly perspective. Second, we take a small view of our lives. I hope this book reforms your thoughts on leadership. To download your copy, click here!

Making Sense of the Bible
Few Christians read the Bible on a regular basis. One reason is its length; another is its unfamiliarity. This book makes sense of the Bible by overcoming both of these obstacles. To download your copy, click here!

Ordinary Jesus
Spiritual growth isn’t a slavish set of disciplines. Rather, it’s a process of learning how to live the way Jesus would if He were us. This book explains how to be reformed in His image. To download your copy, click here!

Simple Student Ministry
Ministers are easily tempted to be busier than they should be. My simple approach to ministry has protected me from both busyness and burnout. I hope this book helps you simplify your ministry as well. To download your copy, click here!

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