Fifth Stage: From the Valley of Shadow to Vanity Fair

The world is trying to stay #strongertogether in the face of COVID-19. Christian and Faithful show us how to stand stronger together in our faith. A like-minded companion makes all the difference!

Fourth Stage: From the Valley of Humiliation to the Shadow of Death

Christian endures an onslaught from Satan and his demons. Although he doesn't often attack us directly, Satan's attacks are real. We too must put on the armor of God to resist him!

Third Stage (Part 2): At the Palace Beautiful

Christian enjoys a few days at the Palace Beautiful. He finds rest, peace and strength for the next stage of his journey. Why don't we feel this way after attending church? How can the modern church strengthen us on our pilgrimage?

Third Stage (Part 1): From Interpreter’s House to the Hill Difficulty

Christian is now fully saved. Yet he struggles to keep his sense of assurance. All of us hit spiritual plateaus that make us doubt our salvation. Yet we can regain our assurance as Christian does.