“David”: A Man after God’s Heart

David is a boy tending sheep when Samuel anoints him to be king over Israel. He is brought to the palace to soothe King Saul by playing the harp and becomes a commander in the army after killing Goliath. Saul, afraid and jealous of David's success, begins trying to kill him. David flees and lives … Continue reading “David”: A Man after God’s Heart

“Moses”: A Prophet Like Jesus

Moses is born while the Israelites are oppressed and enslaved in Egypt. They are numerous so Pharaoh puts them to forced labor and orders them to kill their baby boys. Moses' mother has compassion on him and sets him in a basket among the reeds on the bank of the Nile River. Pharaoh's daughter, a … Continue reading “Moses”: A Prophet Like Jesus

“Abraham”: The Father Of Your Faith And Mine

Abraham is one of the most famous and important people in the Bible. God makes him lofty promises that come at steep prices. In spite of the cost, he responds in faithful obedience and becomes the founding father of the nation of Israel. His relationship with God and his faith in God's promises are important … Continue reading “Abraham”: The Father Of Your Faith And Mine