“The Plan of Salvation”: Divine Birthday Party (Part 1)

One of the best things about being a kid is having birthday parties. And the best thing about a birthday party is opening presents! Our conversion is like a spiritual birthday. God gives us a new birth into His family.

“The Plan of Salvation”: Divine CPR

CPR is a useful emergency procedure. It's also a great way to understand how God begins converting us. Although we can't "make a decision" for Him, He makes a decision for us.

“The Plan of Salvation”: Cosmic Quicksand

Have you ever seen a movie when a character is caught in quicksand? That's actually a pretty good picture of us in our sinful state. God invented the "plan of salvation" to pull us out of the quicksand of sin.

“The Plan of Salvation”: Five Finger Discount

Christians use the "five finger exercise" to teach about salvation. Unfortunately, it's more like a "five finger discount"! We can safeguard the gospel by understanding the full scope and sequence of our salvation.

“Beyond Conversion”: How to Preach the Gospel to Saved People

It seems all preachers know how to do is convert people. Their sermons usually end with an invitation. They invite any unsaved person at church that day to come forward and receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Or they inspire the congregation to go out and invite unsaved people to church next week. … Continue reading “Beyond Conversion”: How to Preach the Gospel to Saved People