How to Defend Your Faith

It's a common scenario. A well-meaning Christian opens up their mouth for Jesus only to be assaulted with hostile questions. This can happen anywhere - at school, work, a friend's house, or on Facebook. Many believers are intimidated and feel defeated in such situations. Nothing in their discipleship has prepared them to dauntlessly defend their … Continue reading How to Defend Your Faith

Why You Should Invite People to Church

Churches get excited when visitors attend their worship service for the first time. They ask their members to invite people to church, usually by handing out "invitation cards" (church business cards). "Invite and invest" has become a popular outreach strategy. In spite of this constant appeal, many Christians do not invite others to church. This … Continue reading Why You Should Invite People to Church

How to Equip Your People for Evangelism

Evangelism is central to the Christian life and the life of the church. "Evangelism" means to preach the gospel, which is the good news that sinners are reconciled to God through Jesus His Son. Before ascending into heaven, Jesus tells His apostles to testify about Him in the power of the Holy Spirit and bring … Continue reading How to Equip Your People for Evangelism