The Resurrection is Factual (1 Corinthians 15:3-8)

Christians are often portrayed as burying our heads in the sand to avoid the facts. Despite this, we are more open to considering the facts than anyone! Paul bases our belief in Jesus' resurrection on cold, hard facts.

“How to Interpret Bible Prophecy” (Part 3): New Testament Interpretation

Nobody knows what something means more than the person who wrote it. The Holy Spirit is the Bible's ultimate Author. He shows us how to interpret Bible prophecy.

“Son of Encouragement”

Barnabas isn't a biblical author, or even one of the Bible's main characters! But through his influence, the church received an apostle and a Gospel. What would happen if we embodied his desire for others to succeed?

“Making Sense of the New Testament”: Hebrews – Jude

Hebrews - Jude are the "General Letters." They don't take up much space, but they shouldn't be overlooked! These diverse and practical books are an important part of the New Testament.

“Making Sense of the New Testament”: Romans – Philemon

Paul wrote letters to various individuals and churches across the Roman Empire. They have lasting value for us today. Which is your favorite?