“The Plan of Salvation”: Divine Birthday Party (Part 2)

Parents love throwing birthday parties for their kids! And is there a better feeling than giving them the perfect present? God is the same way. He loves converting sinners and giving us the blessings of salvation.

How to Fight with Your Spouse

My wife and I once received a huge compliment. A close friend told us, "You fight better than any couple I know!" That might not sound like a good thing until you realize all married couples fight, and most of them do it poorly. So many marriages end in divorce because spouses do not know how … Continue reading How to Fight with Your Spouse

How to Forgive Like God Forgives

Forgiveness is a popular theme in Christian teaching. We are reminded how God has freely forgiven our sins and encouraged to forgive others in the same way. We are told to forgive others unconditionally and automatically. It is even possible to forgive someone without them knowing it! Forgiveness is also presented as the key to … Continue reading How to Forgive Like God Forgives