“The Plan of Salvation”: Divine Birthday Party (Part 1)

One of the best things about being a kid is having birthday parties. And the best thing about a birthday party is opening presents! Our conversion is like a spiritual birthday. God gives us a new birth into His family.

How to Forgive Like God Forgives

Forgiveness is a popular theme in Christian teaching. We are reminded how God has freely forgiven our sins and encouraged to forgive others in the same way. We are told to forgive others unconditionally and automatically. It is even possible to forgive someone without them knowing it! Forgiveness is also presented as the key to … Continue reading How to Forgive Like God Forgives

How to Begin a Relationship with God

As Christians, we tend to complicate things. We make our religion about church attendance, Bible versions, mode of baptism, frequency of communion, or manifestations of the Spirit and forget what's at the heart of it all: a relationship with God. To "become a Christian" means to begin a relationship with God; this is also the same … Continue reading How to Begin a Relationship with God