Fourth Stage: From the Valley of Humiliation to the Shadow of Death

Christian endures an onslaught from Satan and his demons. Although he doesn't often attack us directly, Satan's attacks are real. We too must put on the armor of God to resist him!

What the Bible Says about Satan

There are many false ideas about Satan. Some deny that he exists and reduce him to superstition or a personification of evil. Others hold a dualistic view and make him equal with God. Many Christians think he is their personal enemy and blame him for the ungodliness and dysfunction in their lives. None of these … Continue reading What the Bible Says about Satan

Why Satan Is Not Your Personal Enemy

Have you heard the expression, "The devil's in the details"? It means that a task or idea sounds simple but becomes complicated as you encounter problems and difficulties. This phrase also expresses what many Christians believe about the devil. A Flawed Trend Some Christians think that Satan is interested and involved in the details of … Continue reading Why Satan Is Not Your Personal Enemy